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Opening TuRuta with Schemes

To launch TuRuta use one of the schemes below & associate the needed parameters. Each scheme represents a different action that will be done automatically once the user is in the app.



Using schemes - parameters


Passing parameters enables a smoother experience for your users. For example, destination location parameters can automatically pass the destination information and allowing TuRuta to instantly show how to reach that destination.



Example link>

Launching “Show nearby lines & stations” in TuRuta
Launching “Get Directions” in TuRuta

By launching TuRuta via the “Get Directions” scheme - users will be able to plan a trip for them once they reach TuRuta. A trip is a set of itineraries from the same origin & to the same destination.



Scheme structure<lat>&lon=<lon>&lab=<name>&lat1=<lat>&lon1=<lon>&lab1=<name>